About web developers & web designers

A web developer is a person who is in charge of programming the code that “tells” the website how to work, this is managed by using programming language like JavaScript or HTML. Website developer creates different types of webs like blogs where the users can see information about different topics (politic, sports, food, tourism, travels, etc), online store (Amazon) and even social media pages. They have to build it from the bottom up and have precautions with how to create it, because, it doesn’t have to be so simple for securing the advanced users’ comforting experience and neither be so complicated to avoid any new user of getting lost and confused. They’re one of the most important pillars of the internet, because, without them, the websites would never have existed. But, how a web developer work? if you want to know the answer to that particular question, then let’s get started with that.

How Web developers work?

Web developing can be explained in a three-part process, starting with the creation of a certain code that’s going to be executed in the web browsers and will determine what users will see when they land on the website (this is called Client-Side Scripting); later, they have to create another code that will be executed on a web server, this code is the one who gives the necessary power to the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the website (best known as Server-Side Scripting) and to finish their job, they use different database technology which allow the website to be run in a smoothly and efficiently way. You can see examples of this process in different websites of a software development company.

To make this process a reality, the web developers have to be familiarized with technology and the perfect understanding of the operations of computers and websites, also, they use some programming language, software programs, and even web applications, like HTML (HyperText Markup Language) JavaScript (JS) Ruby on Rails, and the famous C++, and in different occasions they must be able to communicate quickly, set goals and be prepared for any obstacle that will appear in the process.

There are different types of web developers, like:

– Front-End developers which are entrusted with the creation of the front end code of the website.

– Back-End developers that have to build and maintain the technology that’s necessary for powering up the necessary components which enable the existence of the website,

– Full Stacked developers are strongly prepared and can build and maintain both codes that are necessary to maintain the website and also they develop some features that help the users to know how to use and search on the website.

If you need any help with the creation of a website, then you’re going to call a web development company and before you do that, is required the knowledge of what company offers the best service. The most used and best-rated companies are Unleashed Technologies, Four Kitchens and Follow Bright, the three of them offer services like Web design and development, they teach you about how to manage properly a website and the different Digital Strategies that you’ll need on a future to maintain your web online.